Cafe and Bar at Robertson Walk
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  1. Working at restaurants with at least 3 years experience as a manager.
  2. Teamwork and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Able to work flexible hours to accommodate working hours.
  4. Takes pride in developing high quality and efficient restaurant operation.
  5. Positive attitude and willingness to learn on the job.
  6. Proficiency in Japanese is essential.

Job description

  • Manage and oversee the entire restaurant operation
  • Deliver superior guest services
  • Ensuring guest satisfaction
  • Plan and develop guest loyalty programs
  • Plan new and update existing menus
  • Plan and develop the overall restaurant marketing strategy
  • Participate at local food events
  • Respond efficiently to customer questions and complaints
  • Organize and supervise shifts
  • Manage and lead staff
  • Hire new employees
  • Training and evaluate staff performance
  • Estimate consumption, forecast requirements and maintain inventory
  • Manage restaurant supplies
  • Control costs and minimize waste
  • Nurture a positive working environment
  • Monitor operations and initiate corrective actions
  • Implement innovative strategies to improve productivity and sales
  • Communicate with our company’s business partner in Japan
  • Support to execute feasible studies for our company’s products and technologies


11 Unity St, #01-18/29 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

1 minute walk from Aft Unity St
Business hours
4:30 PM ~ 2AM
Tuesday Closed